OMNIplus genuine remanufactured parts.

The efficient and environmentally friendly alternative.

A summary of the most important facts

  • with reconditioned OMNIplus genuine remanufactured parts you can lower your costs, without saving on quality
  • proven OMNIplus quality with 12 month replacement part warranty
  • active environmental protection by reconditioning genuine parts
  • quick availability

Our offer to you.

Our aim is for your vehicle to remain efficient and profitable at all times. With reconditioned
OMNIplus genuine remanufactured parts for Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses, you can
lower your costs without saving on quality.

To ensure that OMNIplus genuine remanufactured parts work just as reliably as new parts,
they go through a careful reconditioning process. The old parts are disassembled down to
the last screw, and cleaned, examined and selected before they undergo industrial reconditioning. Worn parts are always replaced with new parts, while old parts that no longer meet our requirements are recycled in an environmentally friendly manner. The reconditioning
requirements for the old parts correspond to the high quality standards of new part series
production. The end result is a genuine remanufactured part which meets our high OMNIplus
standards in terms of dimensional accuracy, technical status, performance, safety and
warranty entitlement.

Customers who choose OMNIplus genuine remanufactured parts are also helping to preserve the environment: Compared to the production of new parts, fewer raw materials are needed. This reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Benefit from the impressive advantages of OMNIplus genuine remanufactured parts as a low-cost and resource-saving alternative.

Ensuring that your genuine vehicle stays 100 % genuine.

Process OMNIplus genuine remanufactured parts

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