eCitaro Services.

A suitable service module for every requirement.

The most important facts in overview

  • Classic support for the customer's workshop
  • Workshop services in their own competence centres
  • Services in the customer's workshop
  • eBasic ServiceContract and ePremium ServiceContract
  • Model workshop and training centre for electric mobility in Dortmund

Custom-made support.
With OMNIplus, EvoBus' service brand for the Mercedes-Benz and Setra brands, we support eCitaro customers during vehicle operation. The multi-level service concept from OMNIplus, consisting of coordinated individual modules makes the best possible support possible. The concept covers both the classic support of the customer workshop and workshop services in connection with service contracts in OMNIplus competence centres and extends to bus depot management with services in the customer's workshop by OMNIplus employees. The proven offering has been adapted to the requirements of electromobility, among other things in the form of new eService contracts. When an eCitaro is purchased, a 5-year warranty for the high-voltage battery as well as maintenance and repairs or replacement of the components in the high-voltage system are included as standard. With the eBasic service contract or the ePremium service contract, you also have the option of expanding the scope of services at a predictable cost. In addition, OMNIplus offers its own model workshop at its Dortmund location, combined with a training centre for electric mobility. The OMNIplus high-voltage qualification also covers a whole spectrum of courses, ranging from general high-voltage safety training for all employees, to a graduated training course for electrical specialists, to a specialist module for trainers.

Our service begins when you purchase your bus.
Service, maintenance and repairs are changing with the advent of electromobility. This is why Mercedes-Benz has prepared a complete, tailor-made service concept for the OMNIplus service brand. We are committed to supporting you in the best possible way to master the transition to electromobility. You can rely on our proven selection of OMNIplus Service Contracts, which we have adapted to the requirements of electromobility and which we are converting to a modular concept with the introduction of the new battery technologies. In this way you can put together the optimum service for your electric bus fleet individually and in line with your requirements from the following modules: basic high-voltage battery warranty, extended battery warranty and eService contract.

The purchase of an eCitaro includes a basic guarantee for the high-voltage battery and a two-year guarantee on high-voltage components (up to 200,000 km) as standard. This basic guarantee covers up to ten years for solid-state batteries or up to 280 MWh energy throughput per high-voltage battery assembly/battery pack (HVBB) and for NMC batteries (phase 2) up to 5 years or up to 60 to 80 MWh energy throughput per HVBB.* It is then possible for you to extend the scope of service (maintenance and repair) as a supplement to calculable costs. Thus, comprehensively covered, you can look to the future of fully-electrical driving, and can count on our assistance as your reliable partner.

Well secured into the future.
If public transport companies would like to undertake maintenance and repair to varying degrees in their own workshop, the consulting services for the entire eMobility system also include information on workshop equipment, the required graded employee training as well as a complete training concept.

In Dortmund, OMNIplus has set up a unique model workshop with a central training location for electromobility. This is where employees and service technicians from customer workshops are trained. The high-voltage certifications cover the entire spectrum, from cleaning staff training to high-voltage safety instructions and graded training for electricians to the training module for instructors. Additionally, customers visiting Dortmund can experience the requirements for setting up a bus workshop for electromobility. Mercedes‑Benz draws on many years of experience with hybrid and fuel cell buses in the model workshop.

We have also given serious consideration to the future of your eCitaro – with OMNIplus services designed to meet the requirements of electromobility, perfectly integrated and tailored to the specific needs of public transport companies. This means you will be on the road with your fully electric buses – safely, reliably and predictably – for a long time.