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Power deluxe.

Smart AGM batteries from OMNIplus for the most stringent demands.


Is your vehicle battery powerful enough? The new AGM battery from OMNIplus increases performance, reduces maintenance and ensures long life.

Increasing amounts of auxiliary equipment on board modern buses means ever higher-performance batteries are needed. Top performance is required to ensure the battery never runs down, including when the bus is not in motion. OMNIplus offers powerful AGM 12 V/220 Ah batteries as a retrofit solution, offering significantly extended battery life and absolutely no maintenance. And the most clever feature: the battery status can be comfortably checked via a smartphone app.

Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, often running at the level that would power a family home. Safety, payment and infotainment systems that are always on. WLAN, cameras and all kinds of electronic aids without which modern buses cannot cope. The battery is constantly exposed to extreme loads and still needs to function reliably at all times. Including when the bus is idling, waiting to continue its journey.

A premium battery for premium buses.
OMNIplus offers a smart super-heavy-duty battery with AGM technology providing impressive performance with 12 V/220 Ah. In comparison to traditional wet cell batteries, it provides up to 25 percent more power and has much shorter charging times, as its charge acceptance and electrical consumption are markedly greater. Their high stability ensures less deep discharging takes place, increasing service life and storage capability.

No topping up. No leaks.
OMNIplus AGM batteries are maintenance-free. They don’t need to be refilled and cannot leak, say, in an accident, because the fluid inside them is bound inside a fleece.

They are the first commercial vehicle batteries fitted with a Bluetooth® sensor. A smartphone app is provided so you can find out the battery level. The driver and fleet manager can monitor the charging status of the battery at any time, anywhere. If required, they can then act in good time to ensure the battery is exchanged before it fails.

Long life thanks to innovative design.
The new AGM battery fulfils the high quality criteria and standards that OMNIplus sets with regard to peak performance and reliability. AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) means that the battery acid is bound inside a fibreglass fleece. As this prevents acid stratification, capacity losses are kept to a minimum. This ensures markedly increased durability compared to conventional batteries.

Other factors also contribute to increased service life: instead of the standard lead-calcium alloys and plastic chambers of conventional acid batteries, in its AGM battery, OMNIplus uses very thin plates of pure lead linked by sturdy metal bridges, preventing nearly all corrosion.

As the plates are a mere millimetre thick, more of them can be integrated in each cell, increasing the surface area available. Combined with the brass terminals, the result achieved is increased conductivity and performance, with a positive effect particularly during energy-intensive starting processes. The high density of cells also increases vibration resistance and the number of charging cycles.

You can order AGM batteries directly from the OMNIplus eShop, part number A.002.982.44.08.26; alternatively, you can contact any OMNIplus Service Point.