Charging your batteries on board a coach.

The USB retrofit solution from OMNIplus is an upgrade for any coach.


An energy boost for your passengers’ mobile devices! The OMNIplus USB retrofit, with up to two USB sockets per row of seats, increases comfort for your passengers and thus makes your coaches more attractive.

With the USB retrofit offer from OMNIplus, Mercedes-Benz and Setra coaches already in use can be equipped with up to two USB charging sockets per row of seats. This gives the operators of bus companies the option to adapt the comfort features of their coaches to the increased demands of passengers – with relatively little expenditure. The rapid, professional retrofit takes place at your local OMNIplus Service Point.

Comfort features for coaches that move with the times.
Mobile electrical devices are our daily companions, including – or especially – on trips. We all like to send a quick message to loved ones back at home, post a snapshot on social media or enjoy films and podcasts while on the road. The only problem comes when the battery runs out. At such points it is ideal for passengers to be able to recharge their mobile devices while travelling.

Advantages for coach passengers and operators.
USB charging sockets located within the individual seat area, increase travel comfort for passengers, who are then able to recharge their smartphones, tablets and cameras while travelling. On day trips or longer journeys, they can relax while calling, chatting, working or browsing the internet without having to worry about their battery level. And they can confidently leave their own power banks at home.

Alongside passengers, the operator also benefits. Upgrading passenger seats with connections for USB devices is a small but essential competitive advantage that can be profitable in two different ways. On the one hand, the USB retrofit increases the general attractiveness of coach travel. On the other, adding USB charging points adds value if the coach is to be sold on later.

Uncomplicated installation.
A maximum of two USB charging sockets can be fitted per row of seats. They can be either installed at eye level, on the handle of the aisle seat in front, or discreetly between the pair of seats. This means they are easy to reach for all passengers.

Coach operators can receive a non-binding offer for the USB retrofit from their responsible OMNIplus Service Point.