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OMNIplus creates a bundle of measures to meet virus challenges

  • OMNIplus Service Points look after health
  • Professional driver safety door with separating screen
  • OMNIplus eShop: contactless ordering of replacement parts for buses and coaches
  • Virtual training on offer with a focus on coaches
  • OMNIplus recommends regular filter checks for passenger compartment
  • 3D-printed visors available in the OMNIplus eShop

"Safety first” is one of the most important principles of Daimler Buses’ Mercedes-Benz and Setra brands. The OMNIplus service brand has created a bundle of measures with which bus companies can get through the COVID-19 crisis more safely.

OMNIplus Service Points look after health
In the era of COVID-19, special care must be taken during servicing to minimise the risk of infection. For this reason, the Daimler Buses service brand OMNIplus has laid out strict rules to protect against viral transmission.

"The health of our customers, their passengers and our employees is our highest concern,” emphasises Ulrich Bastert, Head of Marketing, Sales and Customer Services at Daimler Buses. "The requirements in force when a Mercedes-Benz or Setra bus or coach comes into the workshop for servicing or repairs are therefore correspondingly strict. Our Service Point employees take very careful precautions to ensure that the danger of viral infection is minimised,” he continues.

This begins with the arrival of the vehicle outside in the Service Point forecourt, without direct contact. Within the building, floor markings in the customer contact area help to maintain the required social distancing. In all areas, cleaning takes place at a greater frequency, while disinfectant dispensers have also been provided. Replacement parts that have been ordered are placed on a counter for handover.

Whether it’s keys, the steering wheel or controls – every part of a bus or coach that is touched will be carefully cleaned. Above all, the employees thoroughly ventilate the vehicle – 20 minutes outside before every vehicle is driven and the same before the bus or coach is returned to the customer. If you want to avoid the drive to the Service Point altogether, you can use the pick-up and return service.

Professional driver safety door with separating screen
Driver safety is also paramount at Daimler Buses. For this reason, OMNIplus offers driver safety doors with full-size separating screens for both Mercedes-Benz and Setra brands. This retrofitted solution, made of tempered glass or high-quality polycarbonate, is already available for many bus and coach models.

OMNIplus eShop: contactless ordering of replacement parts for buses and coaches
OMNIplus ON commerce and the OMNIplus eShop give customers direct and rapid access to the entire replacement parts range with just a few clicks. During the current COVID-19 pandemic, this reduced-contact service is a valuable option to safeguard replacement parts provision.

The entire product range from the Mercedes-Benz and Setra brands is on offer in the OMNIplus eShop. In addition, each bus company’s individual fleet can be logged in the system. This allows the right replacement parts for the vehicle to be shown automatically. With one click, their availability at the preferred Service Point is shown. Using the QuickCollect access option, customers can find the most-requested replacement parts. For clarity, they are divided up into 14 categories.

Virtual training session on offer with a focus on coaches
How can I ensure optimal ventilation in my coach? What measures do I have to implement before, during and after the trip to keep the risk of infection as low as possible for the crew and passengers? The virtual training session offered by OMNIplus for companies and drivers has the answers. So far, the training session is available only in Germany; Europe-wide provision is currently being tested.

The online training session places particular emphasis on the function of the air conditioning system. The learning goals are to gain insight into optimal handling of the system and understand the technological basics. You can register for training via email to

OMNIplus recommends regular passenger compartment filter checks
For comfort and safety on the road, air conditioning and ventilation are important factors – especially with the pandemic about. The climate control technology in Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses and coaches is based on powerful roof-mounted air conditioning systems providing a particularly high proportion of fresh air, in conjunction with efficient filter systems.
To ensure the faultless functioning of the systems, OMNIplus recommends regular FilterChecks – preferably every four weeks. The check covers filter changes for the fresh air and recirculated air filters, an inspection of the condenser for soiling and correct attachment and a functional test of the air conditioner, including analysis of the error log. The service is available to the end of the year at an attractive special price.

3D-printed visors available in the OMNIplus eShop
Normally, Daimler Buses uses its 25-year cross-company experience in digital 3D-printed manufacturing technologies to individually produce more than 200 replacement bus and coach parts.

Now, the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic have opened up a new use for this technology: 3D-printed personal protective equipment. This includes, among other things, visors. They offer protection against aerosol droplets and prevent people unconsciously touching their mouth, nose or eyes – ideal for drivers and garage personnel, and available via the OMNIplus eShop.