Mercedes-Benz Bus auf Landstraße.

Long-haul bus service in Germany.

With more than 600 authorised service outlets, we can offer you the largest and most closely-knit multi-layered service network for buses in Europe. The operation of a long-distance bus company calls for specific bus expertise, which is why we are here to provide you with reliable around-the-clock assistance!

Services tailored specifically to your long-distance bus business are already available at approx. 90 OMNIplus service outlets along Germany’s most important transport routes, hub stations and terminals. The top priority here is to provide a premium service and meet your expectations. Leaving you to concentrate on what is important: driving!

Benefit from the high quality standard of OMNIplus: with preventive inspections and the use of top-quality GenuineParts, we guarantee the maximum utilisation of your long-distance bus and the safety of your passengers. Furthermore, tailored services provide additional security in the event of a breakdown. Ensuring you arrive at your destination safely and in comfort!
Same prices in the German OMNIplus BusWorld Home operations.

Same prices for OMNIplus BusWorld Home in Germany

Service Net price*
Replacement vehicle
in case of breakdown or during a planned workshop visit**
1 € per kilometer
Parking and parking spaces
for long-haul busses (outdoor parking space)
Optional services on request: Water,
electricity, security etc..
100-150 € per month per verhicle
Vehicle exterior wash
after registration and availability,
possibly via third party providers
22,50 € per vehicle
Vehicle interior cleaning
after registration, possibly via third party providers
Price on request
Long-haul bus-check


Visual inspection of sockets and USB ports,
Functional test WLAN
Condition check safety belts and
Further testing total interior lighting,
Entrance, passenger seat, toilet cabin mech.,
Function water pump and wash basin,
Damage, refrigerator function,
windscreen wipers, availability of emergency equipment
(hammer, first aid kit, fire extinguisher),
Climate filter interior air flow rate (Hand feel test)

Tests: Condition of front, rear and side-
windows, wipe water (refill after
customer request), vehicle exterior lighting and visual inspection of tires
Sticker with date on vehicle entrance door inside after inside and outside check

Engine compartment
Tests coolant and engine oil level
(refill after customer request),
Leaks in engine compartment,
Belt drive tensioning device

We recommend a long-haul bus check every quarter.
73 €
Toilet emptying
Daily emptying and fresh water refill

One emptying and fresh water refill

125 € per month per vehicle
15 € per vehicle
Fresh water filling 7,50 € per vehicle

* Prices reserved in case of general price increases (as of 06.10.2015)
** Offer exclusively for OMNIplus BusWorld Home Germany

Standard services

  • Long-haul bus check
  • Vehicle exterior wash***
  • Toilet emptying***
  • Fresh water filling
  • OMNIplus 24h SERVICE
  • Parts and accessories (Increased spare parts supply for all common long-haul buses)

*** depending on the offer and availability of the OMNIplus service point.

Additional services***

  • Vehicle interior cleaning
  • OMNIplus GlassService
  • OMNIplus TireService
  • Mobility concept (pick-up and delivery service)
  • Parking and parking spaces for long-haul buses
  • Replacement vehicle in case of breakdown

*** depending on the offer and availability of the OMNIplus service point.