Our replacement bus service for you in Germany.

A summary of the most important facts

  • the new replacement bus service from OMNIplus
  • customers are helping customers: replacement bus in case of an accident to continue your travel
  • you can be a AdressPool supplier too and provide your buses in case of an emergency

Get back on the road with no waiting – that is the concept behind our OMNIplus AdressPool available in Germany and our OMNIplus AdressPool available in the UK & Ireland, a service that allows you as a bus or coach company to experience an additional form of mobility. For your passengers as well as your business, your goal is to stay "on the road"

You are on the road, somewhere in Germany. Your bus is at full capacity with passengers who want to get to their destinations quickly and safely. Suddenly, your bus is forced to make an unexpected stop. A 24h SERVICE technician arrives immediately and determines that a fast repair is not possible.

Customers helping customers

Now you can receive assistance from the new replacement bus service from OMNIplus: a fellow OMNIplus customer provides you with one of his or her buses and drivers. This service is based on a prior framework agreement between EvoBus GmbH and the customer. You avoid unnecessary administrative expenses and your passengers arrive quickly and comfortably at their destination. And your bus is in good hands with us in the meantime.

How do I become an AdressPool provider

To provide your Mercedes-Benz or Setra bus to other customers, fill in the form "My data for participation in the AddressPool" and send it by e-mail to

How it works

The OMNIplus AdressPool replacement bus system is simple: your driver calls our OMNIplus 24h SERVICE at +800 40 20 4020. Our service staff immediately commissions a technician, who assesses the damage in detail on site. If it is determined that a short-term repair is not possible, you can request a replacement bus from 24h SERVICE. After providing your OMNIplus ServiceCard number, the breakdown location, the number of passengers, the travel destination and the bus license plate number, we will determine the quickest way to get you a replacement bus and driver. Your driver will be informed of the expected arrival time. Our OMNIplus ServiceCards form the basis for this service and ensure a high level of trustworthiness for both contract partners. You can rest assured that your passengers will be able to relax and continue their trip and your driver has time to organize accommodations and/or repair for your bus.