Digital Services

The new OMNIplus ON SignalStore

Data packages for efficient fleet management.


Data networking is the name of the game for fault-free function and digital service options in modern vehicles. With the new, wireless real-time interface in the OMNIplus ON SignalStore, these opportunities are being considerably expanded and are now available for use even with third-party systems.

Digitalisation plays an important role in the commercial vehicles sector in the development of future technologies and better service provision. With the bundling of digital services on the OMNIplus ON online portal, an integrated basis for digital innovations has been created.

Secure data exchange online

A new virtual vehicle-data interface now allows the networking of your buses and coaches with your existing fleet management system – in real time and without a physical plug connection. The underlying internet-based data cloud is secured by several firewalls.

Integration made easy

Thanks to the internet-based API ("Application Programming Interface”), vehicle data can in future be made accessible to third parties without a physical plug connection. You, as a customer, can thus integrate the most varied data into existing management and control systems, without being logged into the OMNIplus ON Portal.

Online booking for individual buses

From quarter one 2020, and for a monthly user fee, the interface will be available for booking individual vehicles via the OMNIplus ON Portal in the "commerce” area. For this, you need the "Bus Data Center”, which has been built as standard into all coaches and the fully electric Mercedes-Benz eCitaro since 2018. In other city buses this can be retro-fitted if desired.

The OMNIplus ON SignalStore offer

In the new OMNIplus ON Portal, from the 1st quarter of 2020 three highly developed services will be available in the OMNIplus ON SignalStore, and can be booked on a monthly basis for every vehicle individually.

Data Package light
With around 250 data points in the categories of warning notifications, powertrain, doors and hatches, vehicle information, chassis and wheels, vehicle battery and consumables. The benefit for the customer here is the efficient fleet management of conventionally powered vehicles.

Data Package plus
With around 250 extra data points over FMS 4.0, among them high-voltage systems, heating-air con-climate and extended GPS data. The benefit for the customer here is efficient fleet management and the implementation of charging strategies for electric vehicles.

Data Package diagnostic
Offers various diagnostic data to the remote interface and short tests in machine-readable format and as PDF documents, which were previously only readable via the Daimler "Xentry Diagnosis”. The customer thus gains optimal transparency regarding servicing and maintenance needs and can speed up ad-hoc fault resolution.