Digital Services

The all-round care-free package for the eCitaro

The eService contracts by OMNIplus offer e-mobility services at predictable prices.


Converting city buses to e-mobility is a challenge for transport services. That is why OMNIplus has developed an all-round care-free package of specific services for the Mercedes-Benz eCitaro. Its core: the safety of all high-voltage components.

To put your mind at rest: when buying an eCitaro, a five-year warranty is already included as standard. It applies to the high-voltage battery and for the maintenance, repair and replacement of high-voltage components, as required. The specific services provided in the field of e-mobility come from OMNIplus.

The core of the OMNIplus eService concept for the Mercedes-Benz eCitaro city bus is its tailor-made eService contracts. According to requirements, transport companies can choose between two packages, each with a different range of services.

Two packages to choose from

The eBasic service contract includes repairs to the high-voltage system and high-voltage battery beyond the five-year warranty. Also included are all maintenance measures for the entire vehicle required by the manufacturer. In addition, companies can book the digital OMNIplus Uptime offer at a special price.

The ePremium service Contract includes, in addition, overall repairs to the vehicle. Maintenance and wear, as well as vehicle-related breakdown costs, are also covered. The OMNIplus Uptime service innovation is included at no extra charge. The ePremium Service Contract thus offers the perfect all-round care-free package for transitioning to an electric bus fleet.

Services individually extendible

Operators of the eCitaro can sign one of the two eService contracts at any time, even after the start of deployment. Notable here: duration and mileage are variable and can be freely combined.  Besides this, add-on packages can be selected, such as "legally prescribed HU/AU (general/exhaust inspection)” or "tyres”. In this way, companies can receive solutions individually adjusted to their needs.

Five decisive advantages of eService contracts from OMNIplus:

1.    Original parts and trained specialists guarantee an optimally serviced vehicle – and thus the safety of company, driver and passengers.
2.    The highest quality standards where servicing and replacement parts are concerned ensure the bus fleet is always ready for action.
3.    Fixed monthly rates or fixed prices for service packages offer planning security and operating cost transparency.
4.    The professional service network from OMNIplus looks after the eCitaro – while bus company operators can concentrate on their core business.
5.    Optimally serviced vehicles guarantee high value retention and increase the resale value.