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Cooperation between OMNIplus ON and coach charter platform takes to the road.


The platform provides a simple way of creating offers for coach travel services and brings in new customers.  With the "EVOBUSFINDER" code, OMNIplus ON customers are entitled to a special discount until 30 September 2021: you can purchase the basic package from the EBA Bus Alliance GmbH service provider for only 890.- instead of 1589 euros – and enjoy other advantages.

OMNIplus ON has been working together with the Austrian start-up company EBA Bus Alliance GmbH since last year. In Austria, the Viennese company successfully runs the bus/coach charter comparison platform The platform offers coach operators a means of making automated offers based on their tariff parameters and thus makes it easier for passengers to compare and book a coach.

The digital solution completely fulfils the requirements of coach companies regarding standardised offers and the increasingly important question of online booking availability. It thus creates added value and sustainable competition for every coach travel company – regardless of the size of the company.

The advantages of the new bus charter management system, which is already being used by more than half the charter travel companies in Austria, are above all the maximum level of transparency and flexibility for companies and their customers. Instead of waiting for up to three days for a quote – as was the case until now – interested parties receive quotes immediately online for various providers and can book directly. In the process, charter travel companies can provide prices and other parameters for their services flexibly in the system and thus tailor their offering in line with their business model, fleet, individual vehicle equipment and status of personnel.

Exclusive benefits and special discount for OMNIplus ON customers
Thanks to integration in the OMNIplus On Portal, bus companies can access their own vehicle data stored there. They thus save having to enter their vehicles at and they can start operation even sooner.

OMNIplus ON customers are given an additional, exclusive benefit in the form of a discount of over 44 percent. To receive this, they must simply use the code "EVOBUSFINDER" when registering at

Jan Mayer (left), Marvin Ruf (right)

How Daimler Buses works with start-ups such as

Jan Mayer and Marvin Ruf work at Daimler Buses in Neu-Ulm and one of their tasks is to find which potential start-ups Daimler Buses can work with to enlarge its provision of digital services. Here are their answers to questions on how Daimler Buses works together with start-ups.

Why does Daimler Buses work together with start-ups and how do you find the right start-up for the right purpose?
Marvin Ruf:  We're aware you can't do everything yourself. And that's why nowadays it's vital to keep a constant eye on what is happening in the market and which new players are gaining a foothold. Particularly in the field of mobility, there are a lot of new start-ups with excellent innovative ideas that are quick off the mark. And it's just those developments we keep an eye on.
Jan Mayer: In order to find the right start-ups we can work with, they have to have more than just a good idea. The important things are the team, customer orientation, the strategic fit with our product portfolio, plus a few more things.

What does cooperation with look like?
Jan Mayer: The background to this project is our cooperation with the Austrian start-up EBA Bus Alliance GmbH. EBA runs the successful chartered coach comparison platform called – in the past only in Austria, and now in Germany too. It offers coach operators a means of making automated offers based on their tariff parameters and thus makes it really simple for passengers to compare and book a coach. Together with EBA, we've now integrated this offer into our portal for digital services, OMNIplus ON, and we've now launched this service in Germany.

What benefits does working with EBA provide for OMNIplus ON?
Marvin Ruf: Working with EBA gives us the opportunity of providing an attractive offer for chartered coach companies too. Also, with this service our OMNIplus ON portal is growing in the direction of a market place which will also offer products from strong partners in the future.

What can we expect from the cooperation in the future?
Jan Mayer: First we want to establish the product in Germany. But we also have a number of other ideas on how to make more progress with this cooperation and how to support our customers with new services in their business. We're at the very beginning!