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Original exchange parts – efficiency from A to Z

How you can save real money with remanufactured used parts.


Are you looking for an economical and sustainable alternative to original replacement parts? Then original exchange parts can help reduce your costs, without compromising on quality. This ever-more-popular offer from OMNIplus encompasses around three dozen assemblies and components – from axles to cylinder heads.

Did you know? Used parts from your bus can, under certain circumstances, be bought back when purchasing an exchange part from OMNIplus. They are then subjected to rigorous tests and technical preparation before being reused by OMNIplus as original exchange parts. OMNIplus makes an individual assessment of each used part to calculate its remaining value.

Strict quality criteria for remanufacturing.

So that OMNIplus original exchange parts remain as reliable in function as new ones, they first go through a careful remanufacturing process. Used parts delivered by the customer are taken apart to the last screw, cleaned, assessed, selected and then industrially remanufactured. At the end of the process you have an original exchange part of original quality and one that corresponds to the high OMNIplus standards in terms of its fit, technical status, performance, safety and warranty.

Benefits to OMNIplus customers are twofold: not only do they receive economical and high-quality replacement parts, but they also get cash in hand from returning their used parts. And let’s not forget that the resource-saving use of exchange parts benefits the environment too.

Do you have more questions about returns and remuneration of used parts? Then the OMNIplus service base is happy to help.

Are your used bus and coach parts suitable for return? Find out now:

  • In general, mechanically used parts have the best chances for high-quality remanufacturing.
  • Ensure that the used part has no breaks, cracks, deformations or other mechanical damage that could affect its mechanical performance.
  • Only complete, non-dismantled used parts can ensure a frictionless returns process – so make sure all components are present.
  • Check carefully whether rust has formed on the surface of the used part. As this kind of rust can also spread beneath the surface, partially or fully corroded parts cannot be remanufactured, for safety and quality reasons.