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Licensed to print.

New: 3D printing licences for flexible supplies of replacement parts.


With 3D printing licences from OMNIplus, you can produce your own replacement parts for buses and coaches as and when you need them. This saves not only time and money but also reduces your carbon footprint.

3D printing licences allow bus and transport companies more independence for ordering their replacement parts.

It is a bit like your own music collection: record-collecting is yesterday’s game, now it’s all about streaming. Today everyone wants to be able to listen to their favourite music wherever and whenever. The new OMNIplus 3D printing licences for replacement parts work along the same principle. As needed, parts can be rapidly and flexibly produced by the customer. This saves time and costs.

Producing replacement parts "on demand”.

OMNIplus customers can acquire certified licences for uncomplicated, flexible production via the 3D-printing licence shop. These enable you to print many current components and replacement parts, and even make rare parts for special customer wishes. Production is done using 3D printers which have been certified by Daimler Buses. Perfect for companies that want to make parts "on demand” – that is, just at the point they are needed. The advantages: rapid availability, saved costs and shorter supply chains. And the reduction in the carbon footprint is another important positive effect for your business.

"Production is done using 3D printers which have been certified by Daimler Buses."

You can find the OMNIplus 3D-printing licence shop here

Almost like a digital replacement parts store.

Daimler Buses is a pioneer in industrial 3D printing. It has been making use of digital manufacturing technology since 2016. Around 40,000 bus and coach parts can now be 3D printed, where OMNIplus focuses on a core of 7,000 parts that are being digitalised step by step. OMNIplus is thereby generating a constantly extending digital warehouse. This forms the basis for our 3D-printing licence management, further optimising the rapid availability of OMNIplus replacement parts. Modern 3D printers make it possible to set up proper, external mini-factories. In these certified 3D printing centres, OMNIplus customers with the right licences can now have the parts they need produced in a decentralised way.