Keep your employees fit for the bus

New: Electromobility courses prepare you for the eCitaro.


Life-long learning is getting ever more important in the world of work – including areas of dynamic development such as electromobility. The new training programme from OMNIplus offers a wide variety of options for all bus-related topics.

Training has been an essential building block of the OMNIplus range for years– whether in road safety, environmental issues or skills for the workshop. Around 55 experienced bus experts in 28 countries give their useful knowledge on site regarding Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses – always using the real object. The "WorkshopTraining” from OMNIplus is divided into four fields of competence and two levels of intensity. Thus, every employee can receive the training that fits their specialist focus and previous experience.

Division into fields of competence

The OMNIplus WorkshopTraining is divided into the classical fields of drive, electrics, chassis/brakes and comfort/body. Alongside the basic "professional” training sessions, in every area there are also subsequent "master” courses, where knowledge gained or already possessed can be strengthened and concrete problem-solving strategies learnt.

Training on the topic of e-mobility

New in the OMNIplus training programme is the topic of electromobility, something that is gaining importance now that the first fully electric Mercedes-Benz city bus, the eCitaro, is rolling out. To this end, a foundational e-learning programme has been drawn up, introducing the user (from cleaning staff to master mechanic) to the topic of "high-voltage work” and making them individually aware.

Alongside modules in basic vehicle techniques or the new HVAC systems with heat pump, two general courses in the field of electromobility are also offered: "Specialist work on live parts for high-voltage battery systems” and "Specialist in high-voltage systems for Citaro/Compact Hybrid”.

Bookable online

Also new are the minibus courses, based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter type 907. There are also now courses on the fire alarm/extinguisher systems for coaches, a legal requirement from the middle of 2019, and in professional vehicle damage regulation.

The new training programme, which can also be booked online, offers the best training for every workshop employee in old and new bus technologies.