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Find and order replacement parts more easily

Maintenance and repair-specific fixed-price packages from OMNIplus.


With model-specific packages for standard repairs, OMNIplus simplifies your search for replacement parts – all at an attractive fixed price.

With its new offer, OMNIplus has markedly simplified replacement parts ordering, frequently providing bus companies with additional cost advantages. The fixed-price packages for Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses and coaches contain all the individual parts required for specific maintenance or repair processes. In this way, OMNIplus also makes it easier for bus companies to keep replacement parts in stock, for example, preventing longer downtimes caused by parts not being in storage.

Replacement parts packages at attractive fixed prices.

It’s something bus companies’ workshop managers and purchasers all know: usually, the same replacement parts are needed each time for standard repairs. This is what OMNIplus is reacting to with its offer of maintenance and repair-specific replacement parts packages. Bundling individual parts has essential advantages for bus companies. On the one hand, it clearly reduces the time spent searching through the OMNIplus order system – because all the parts needed for a specific repair are gathered in one single package. On the other, bus companies are able to obtain the package at a fixed price. Compared to ordering the parts one by one, the fixed-price packages from OMNIplus often offer advantageous prices.

Replacement parts packages for brakes, shock absorbers and more.

An attractive example of these OMNIplus fixed-price packages are the brake packages. These are available on a model-specific basis and contain the correct brake discs, linings and assembly materials for the model in question. The range of fixed-price packages is extended continuously to cover further repair and maintenance measures. For certain vehicle models, OMNIplus also offers tailor-made shock-absorber packages.

With the OMNIplus replacement parts packages, the effort of searching for parts for standard repairs is markedly reduced.

Practical: for certain repair and maintenance works, all the parts to fit a certain vehicle model can be ordered together in one package.

Fast and easy: with the OMNIplus fixed-price packages, the laborious search for replacement parts is a thing of the past.