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OMNIplus eShop order interfaces for COS software solutions

Easily identify replacement parts for your bus or coach using COSware and order them directly. With the digital ordering interfaces for the OMNIplus eShop, your purchasing processes are made even easier and more efficient.

OMNIplus ON, the digital service platform from Daimler Buses, is picking up speed in Europe where eProcurement – the electronic acquisition of replacement parts – is concerned. Our satisfied users also include companies that deploy COS software solutions for fleet and replacement parts management. COSware can be connected directly and unproblematically to the OMNIplus eShop using two digital interfaces. This makes purchasing much simpler and more efficient.

Two interfaces. One process
To this end, OMNIplus ON customers are provided with a pair of interfaces: a catalogue interface in OCI format gives direct access to the OMNIplus eShop. Switching from COSware to the OMNIplus ON Portal interface is imperceptible and fully automated. Once the vehicle has been selected, the replacement part, its price and availability can be identified and called up. A second digital ordering interface in the current JSON format then flawlessly returns these data to your COSware goods system – including order confirmation. BusPartsCatalog is an integrated component of the OMNIplus eShop and helps you to identify special parts based on VIN number. The advantage for you: the entire order process takes place in COSware, meaning you don’t have to leave your habitual software environment even when purchasing in the OMNIplus eShop.

Simple implementation in COSware
OMNIplus customers that use COS solutions should simply talk to a BusWorld Home employee if they need to. Alternatively, contact can be made directly via partner of OMNIplus, COS. First, an agreement will be made with COS for licensing the two interfaces. Then, COS will generate the desired functionalities and interfaces using a simple software system update. In a short implementation phase, the customer system will be linked to an OMNIplus test system to ensure frictionless ordering. Only then will conversion be made to the productive order system at an agreed date. After a short final check, the link between the two systems will have been perfected and you can then make use of the full advantages of OMNIplus ON eProcurement.

The advantages of eProcurement at a glance:

  • Easy integration of OMNIplus original replacement parts procurement into your own systems
  • Allows transfer from COSware to the OMNIplus ON Portal in a single step
  • Targeted parts identification using the VIN as a basis can be achieved directly in COSware thanks to integration of your own fleet in the OMNIplus eShop
  • Availability and order options for all parts can be directly viewed via the OMNIplus eShop interface
  • You can order the parts you want from your usual BusWorld Home directly from COSware
  • More efficiency and less expenditure when ordering original replacement parts for your Mercedes-Benz or Setra
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