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Electronic second-hand parts in OEM quality

More starters and alternators available as OMNIplus original second-hand parts.

OMNIplus is extending its portfolio and is thus offering its customers more starters and alternators as high-quality OMNIplus original second-hand parts.

These attractively priced original parts must work just as reliably as new ones in your Mercedes-Benz or Setra. Particularly where electrical replacements are concerned. To ensure durability, they are put through a painstaking test and remanufacturing process. OMNIplus customers now have access to more starters and alternators in the second-hand parts portfolio.

With the know-how gained from mass production.

The mechanical components of vehicles that generate and provide electrical energy are subject to particularly high loads and forces. The tested quality and long-term functionality of OMNIplus original second-hand parts is thus an essential advantage. Over the course of remanufacturing, the used starters and alternators (generators) are dismantled into their constituent parts and professionally cleaned. Sensitive wear parts are carefully replaced by new ones. The advantage for you as a customer: the knowledge from mass production goes into preparing the original second-hand parts. And in the final end-of-line inspection, the quality requirements are set at the level for new parts.

"The end-of-line inspection ensures that the quality is at the same level as that for new parts."

Starters as original second-hand parts.

So a starter can begin its new life as an OMNIplus original second-hand part, it must first be taken apart into its constituent components and professionally cleaned. Wear parts such as the freewheel, ball bearings, bushings and brushes are replaced by new parts. Individual components such as parts of the housing, field coils, anchors, brush mounts and magnetic switches go through a painstaking quality check and are professionally remanufactured as appropriate. If needed, these are also replaced by new ones. The use of special paints to protect against corrosion to the stator and rotor completes the high-quality remanufacturing process at OMNIplus.

"Wear parts are carefully replaced by new ones."

Professionally remanufactured alternators.

Dismantling into all constituent parts and professional cleaning also take place for alternators, of course. Ball bearings are usually replaced by new OMNIplus parts. Individual components such as carbon brushes, commutator rings and stators are checked, remanufactured as needed or even replaced. To protect against corrosion to the stator and rotor, OMNIplus only uses special paints. And the carefully, newly balanced rotor ensures smooth running and durability in your “new”-used alternator from OMNIplus. Ask about the availability of such starters and alternators at any time by contacting your Service Point.

Do you want to know if a starter or alternator is available for your bus? Then simply contact your OMNIplus Service Point.

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