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A range of services for more safety

OMNIplus creates a bundle of measures to meet virus challenges

  • Filter systems with anti-viral functionality
  • Air decontamination system for the on-board toilet
  • ServiceContracts – now with replacement of active filters
  • OMNIplus recommends regular interior filter checks
  • Software adaptation: option of 33 to 40 percent greater proportion of fresh air
  • Disinfectant dispenser to prevent germ spread
  • OMNIplus service centres pay attention to health
  • Professional driver protection
  • OMNIplus eShop: order spare parts for buses contact-free online

"Safety first" is one of the most important principles for the Mercedes-Benz and Setra bus brands. The COVID-19 set of measures for the OMNIplus service brand is being extended by further retrofit solutions. Bus corporations can thus protect drivers and passengers even more effectively and better tackle the challenges of the current COVID-19 situation.

Filter systems with anti-viral functionality
Today filter systems in the climate control systems of buses from Mercedes-Benz and Setra already remove particles from the air. New active filters with anti-viral functionality increase this effect even further: the multi-layer, progressively designed high-performance particle filters filter out the finest aerosols and additionally feature an anti-viral functional layer. Physical tests and microbiological analyses have confirmed this effect. This reduces the risk of infection even in mixed and circulating air operation.The active filters are used for the roof-mounted climate control systems, for the air-recirculation filter and also for the front climate control box.

With immediate effect, the antiviral filter systems can be retrofitted to the Mercedes-Benz Tourismo and the Setra ComfortClass 500. For the Setra TopClass 500 and the S 531 DT double-decker bus including the previous model S 431 DT, retrofit solutions are already available. Corresponding active filters for the Citaro will follow this year.

Air decontamination system for the on-board toilet
Contrary to the passenger compartment, the air in the toilet cabin cannot be completely filtered using the new active filter with antiviral function as found in the air conditioning and ventilation systems of buses. Daimler Buses has therefore developed an air-recirculation system with which the air in the toilet cabin can be decontaminated to the best-possible degree. The air decontamination system uses the natural phenomenon of photocatalysis and therefore makes viruses, bacteria and germs harmless. This significantly reduces the risk of infection for passengers in the entire vehicle interior. Retrofitting by OMNIplus is possible in every coach toilet cabin of the Mercedes-Benz and Setra brands.

Installation of the air decontamination system in a Setra S 531 DT

Installation of the air decontamination system in a Mercedes-Benz Tourismo

ServiceContracts – now with replacement of active filters
In our opinion, retrofitting active filters is just as important as replacing them on a regular basis. That is why we have decided that we can best support our ServiceContract customers by including the anti-viral filters as part of the annual OMNIplus maintenance in the ServiceContract at no further cost to the customer. Any other replacement during the year is subject to a fee. A separate package, subject to a fee, is available which provides additional safety by including the replacement of active filters (twice).

OMNIplus recommends regular interior filter checks
In order to ensure the roof-mounted air conditioning functions properly, OMNIplus recommends you carry out regular filter checks – for standard filters every four weeks is ideal. The new active filters should be replaced after three months. The check services comprise the following: replacing fresh air and air-recirculation filters, checking the condenser for soiling and anchorage, and checking the function of the climate control system including reading the error memory. This service is available at an attractive promotional price until the end of this year.

Range for the fresh air supply can be extended
At common outside temperatures (with TC and DT between 8 and 26 degrees Celsius), the air conditioning system uses the maximum level of fresh air (between 80 and 100 percent). In this way air can be exchanged continuously and quickly, every one to two minutes.

Both at low and high temperatures, the air conditioning systems work in so-called mixed-air mode. Here, the renewal of fresh air in the interior occurs every three to four minutes.

Upon request, the maximum fresh air intake can be increased by a third – this is achieved by changing the software parametres which control delivery of fresh air. The Aquasphere units can also be adjusted on request.

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Disinfectant dispensers to protect against microbe transmission
Especially in modes of transport in which lots of people come together, pathogens can quickly propagate. Regular hand hygiene is thus especially important. The most hygienic solution for a bus is a sensor-controlled disinfectant dispenser. This contact-free variant prevents hands coming into contact with the device. Both alcohol-based and water-based disinfectant solutions can be used to prevent any germ transmission. The refillable disinfectant dispenser is now available and can be installed on the walls or grab rails of the bus as a retrofit.

If you are interested in the available COVID-19 retrofit package, please contact your OMNIplus service centre.

OMNIplus service centres pay attention to health
In times of the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly care is required of the service in order to minimise the danger of infection. The OMNIplus service brand has therefore issued strict rules for its own firms in Germany, as protection against viral infections.

This begins with the vehicle being handed over outdoors, without any direct contact, in the yard of the service point. Inside the building, floor markings in the customer contact area help to maintain the required physical distance. In all areas, cleaning frequency has been increased, and disinfectant dispensers are available. Ordered spare parts are deposited on a counter to be handed over.

The vehicle key, the steering wheel or operating buttons – all the parts of a bus that are touched are cleaned carefully. Above all, the staff air the vehicles thoroughly – 20 minutes in the open air before each trip and also before the bus is handed back to the customer. If a customer does not wish to travel to the service point at all, they can use the collection and delivery service.

Professional driver protection door with transparent partition
For Daimler Buses, drivers' safety also has top priority. For this reason, OMNIplus provides driver protection doors with a transparent partition for the entire surface for Mercedes-Benz and Setra brands. The retrofit solutions of safety glass or high-quality polycarbonate are already available for many bus models.

OMNIplus eShop: Order bus spare parts contact-free online
Bus corporations already benefit from OMNIplus ON commerce and its affiliated OMNIplus eShop. With only a few clicks, it provides direct, fast access to the complete range of spare parts. Particularly in times of the COVID-19 pandemic with reduced personal contact, this is a valuable service to guarantee provision of spare parts.

At the OMNIplus eShop, you can find the complete product portfolio of the Mercedes-Benz and Setra brands. In addition, the individual fleet of each bus company can be stored in the system. The right spare parts for the vehicles are displayed automatically. With just one click it's possible to see availability at your preferred Service Support Point. Customers can access via QuickCollect to find the most commonly requested spare parts. These are displayed clearly in 14 parts categories.

Greater safety in times of COVID-19


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